windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer’s hardware

This error normally occurs while downgrading operating system from windows 8 to windows 7.  Please follow following procedure to fix the problem.

First of all, install operating system from windows 7 service pack 1. I had same problem and it fixed after installing from Service pack 1 CD.

If problem still exists, please try following

Check SATA type in bios, change it to Raid / Sata / IDE / AHCI to until it get fixed.

Sometimes computer requires SATA / AHCI Driver at the time of installing operating system. Download it from manufacture website and locate the drive while installing.

Check the downloaded ISO file is damaged or corrupted. If you are installing from DVD, make sure DVD is not scratched.

If you are installing from USB CD/DVD drive, please check whether it works fine. Most of the cheap USB CD ROM stops working after certain time.

If you are installing from USB CD/DVD drive, unplug the drive before first reboot.



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